Fixing Kits

We supply either as a spare part or part of a new door a boxed solution to mounting a door barrel, this kit is designed to be easy for the fitter to install with the V-Block system self-locating into its receiver with a minimum of effort.

Fixing kits are available to suit 30 and 40 mm shafts. 40mm has option for 5″ & 5.5″ barrel sizes. 




 We hold large stocks of bearings, these are used on almost all of our larger doors and all of our direct drive range, and it is a low friction and low maintenance way to mount the barrel to the endplate.




The Spring inside a manual door is a component that prevents dangerous movement of the door, in normal operation this single component makes lifting a door that’s potentially heavier than the operator easy to do with little effort, however, if it breaks then the door becomes very heavy can easily cause injury and therefore there are very few situations where an inertia brake should not be used as part of the system,

We hold stock of a wide range of springs and when used in combination can correctly balance most doors to allow very easy and controlled movement of the door, for the situations where this is not possible we have access to a fast turnaround for bespoke springs.



There are a wide range of seals that can be fitted to your new or existing door, these are designed to give a good seal when fully closed eliminating draughts and debris from passing under the closed door.

Below is a selection most commonly provided.

  Bottom Rail Rubber Seal
Optical Safety Edge Rubber Seal
  Insulated Rubber Seal
  Optical Safety Edge Rubber Seal For 77mm Insulated
  Brush Seals
  Yellow Carrier and Rubber
  J Clip Seal
  Safety Edge Metal Track



Inertia Brakes

As part of the requirements of EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011 all doors should have a device to prevent the door dropping in an uncontrolled manner, on our doors we will always provide one of our range of fully TUV certified safety inertia brakes.

Brakes size depends on the size and type of the shutter. 




End locks

The end lock is a very important part of a roller shutter door, without it the door literally comes adrift.


Nylon/Plastic Endlocks

Mainly for smaller doors where a quiet running is preferred, the nylon end lock is however not suitable for large doors in windy or busy environments.

Paramount 26 Ltd supplies powder coatable plastic endlocks too.


Pressed Steel Endlocks

This end lock covers most applications and works well in combination with our wind locks for door subject to high wind loads. These endlocks are powder coatable.


Cast Iron Endlocks

This is the heavy duty version for very busy doors or large doors.

Cast Iron Windlocks

These windlocks are used in conjunction with steel endlocks for wide and large doors, as well as for shutters in windy areas.



The Shaft on our standard door comes in 2no main Formats and various sizes.

The motor drive is always keyed while the dummy end can be keyed when there is an inertia brake installed, however for our direct drive range this shaft would then be plain as it’s fitted to a heavy duty bearing.




The End plate is the main steel flat section that holds the barrel and the weight of the curtain, this makes this a very important part of the door, and it’s also the crucial part that attaches the motor or hand chain assembly. Continue reading “Plates”


Dummy ends

This section covers the shaft and disk assembly that provided generally pre assembled ready to fix into the barrel tube and allow the mounting of the door onto the safety inertia brake, bearing or on sprung doors the bucket.

There is a wide variety of sizes and types, but to order you will need to provide the internal dimension of the barrel and the shaft size, (and shape).

  • Telescopic Dummy Ends
  • Rectractable Dummy Ends for 18mm Brakes
  • Spring Dummy End
  • Complete Dummy End
  • Drive End