Our wide range of locks will provide you the safety that you’re looking for.


Bottom rail (Viro) lock

  • Used to secure the shutter through bottom rail.
  • Paramount 26 Ltd stocks two sizes (40mm and 55mm).
  • On multiple doors, these locks can be supplied keyed alike or with separate key numbers.

Lath lock

  • The lock can be fitted to the lath higher up the door making the function of locking and unlocking more ergonomic.
  • On multiple doors, these locks can be supplied keyed alike or with separate key numbers.

Paramount Padlock

  • The straight shackle design makes the lock slightly less versatile but invariably more secure against force attacks.
  • Usually used with ground locks.

Hand chain retainer

  • This has a safety link that closes so the chain can’t fall out when your door is up or down.

Bullet Locks

  • Bullet Locks are used to secure shutter doors and can be used with a housing. A bullet lock is a long lock with a thick pin on the back that is placed through a door frame or housing to stop a door from opening.

Ground Lock

  • Designed to lock the bottom rail of the shutter to the ground whilst leaving no trip hazard, this popular security product can be retrofitted to most roller shutters increasing the security dramatically from jack-type attacks and forced lifting they have even been reported to have halted ram-raid attacks.

Shoot bolt

  • Quick and easy to install shoot bolts lock the shutter to the guides preventing unlawful lifting.

Wicket Door Lock



In this section, you will find the replacement handles used on our security doors and fire doors (see P.A Doors section), as well as winding handles for manual override needs for Roller Shutters.

These are available as a spare part if the original has been damaged on site or for any other reason you may need to replace the handle.

Winding Handles

  • Works with every Tube Motor in Paramount 26 Ltd range.
  • Available in 1.5m, 2m and 3m length.

Security Door Handle

  • These handles come as a standard with our 10 point locking security doors.
  • They’re also available as spare and repair parts.

Panic Bar

  • Panic bars are installed on exit doors for emergency door opening.
  • Paramount 26 Ltd stock two sizes to suit our range of Fire exit doors.
  • It comes with yale lock for as a standard.

Fire Door Outside Knob

  • Outside access knob allows for a fire door to be accessible from outside via key.

Flush Lift Handle

  • This handle enables easier operation of Push up shutters.
  Extension Arm
  Pole Handle



A Roller shutter door once you get beyond the complete door has many component parts, this section covers the multitude of parts that might have a need to be replaced as a spare part or simply need adding to a door due to an upgrade or change of use. Continue reading “Accessories”