UPS / Battery Backup

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) or battery backup.

This device is designed and supplied mainly in conjunction with our single phase 230v fire shutters to allow the door to close (or open) on receipt of a fire signal, it’s also used when a 230v shutter is a final exit from a building and if a use of a manual override device would compromise security. Continue reading “UPS / Battery Backup”


Fire Controls

We offer fire interface controls designed for tube motor operated fire shutters, these allow operation of the fie shutters provided by us to most fire alarm signals by using a relay interface to isolate the signals and prevent feedback. Continue reading “Fire Controls”


Safety Equip.

We offer a wide range of safety equipment for your door, this can be from the basic switches to prevent operation of the door if the wicket door is open to the photo beams and Optical safety edges. Continue reading “Safety Equip.”



We offer from Stock the basic key switches in both our own manufacture and also an extended range from the Market Leader Geba, We offer key switches in both Surface and Flush mount formats both keyed alike and in random key combinations, to complement these we also offer steel security boxes. Continue reading “Switches”



In addition to our standard ranges of motors and drive systems we work closely with other door drive suppliers for some of our more bespoke or unusual doors, this gives us a wide range of options for the situations not covered by our own in-house systems. Continue reading “Other”



Our Flange motors have been used extensively by many of our clients for many years.ultimate-658-3-phase-and-single-phase-motors

They offer an economical and durable option to operate your door.

This type of motor works with a much smaller side room than our direct drive motors and suits many situations where room is limited.

We offer 3 variations of this motor in both 230v and 415v covering a wide range of door sizes.

Motor Type Volts Current (unload) Current (with load) Power Frequency Speed
UL658 SINGLE 220/240V 3A 3.5A 800W 50/60HZ 12RPM
UL658 THREE 380/440V 1.5A 2A 800W 50/60HZ 12RPM
UL834 SINGLE 220/240V 3A 3.5A 800W 50/60HZ 9RPM
UL834 THREE 380/440V 1.5A 2A 800W 50/60HZ 9RPM
UL1500 SINGLE 220/240V 3.5A 5A 880W 50/60HZ 5RPM
UL1500 THREE 380/440V 2.2A 2.8A 880W 50/60HZ 5RPM


Direct Drives

Our Direct drive range of motors are a high-quality operator built for us by Gaposa who have a long-standing reputation for quality.

When used in conjunction with our range of controllers and safety devices these offer a comprehensive package to drive your door. Continue reading “Direct Drives”