Remote controls

We offer a range of remote controls both for tube motors and Industrial motor controls. Many of our controllers are offered as standard with 2no handsets with the option to add more to the order.

In our download section there can be found wiring diagrams for many of our standard units and advice on the correct use of these units to be compliant to the EN standards.

PM1 Remote control

Most widely used Remote control mainly for Commercial and Domestic Shutters.


Nova 2 remote control

Most advanced remote control unit, which allows addition of various safety features (photocells, safety edges. etc.)


Almatea Remote control

This control box allows addition of various safety features including photocells, safety edges, stop buttons, etc.


Geba Minimax Remote control

Is designed for deadman control of power operated doors. The basic version is designed for deadman operation only, but it can be extended individually by optional modules.


Venus Remote Control


Eclipse Remote Control


Group Remote Control


P400 remote control