New attractive and innovative design, smart safety system ideal for hygiene environments

Certified and cheaper than the traditional stainless steel design

The Alumina door range leads the way in High Speed Doors.
It can be installed more easily and faster than traditional high speed.
The flexible curtain automatically resumes its original position in the lateral tracks when the door is hit accidentally, thus reducing maintenance costs and time.


• State of the art Electronics. Integrated active lights barrier for safety and curtain position detection.
• Plug and Play system, once installed the door and clamped the connectors only a parameter adjusting in the control box is needed.
• Industry standard made in Europe components. Mechanical, electrical and electronics are made in Europe from selected suppliers for the best performance and reliability.
• Easy fitting with state of the art electronic control box to control and adjust every device and door operation.


Structure Anodized Aluminium frames.
Dimensions Free passage up to 5000 x h 5000
Opening Speed Up to 2 mt/sec (adjustable, depending on door dimension)
Closing Speed 0.8 mt/sec (adjustable)
Motor Side mounting 220V 3 phase motor
Curtain position Rotating limit switch or Optical encoder for curtain movement position (depending on
Control box Electronic Inverter type. Open and Emergency stop buttons on cover. Power supply 220V single phase. State of the art functions setting and adjusting by dedicated display and 3 buttons unit. 8 operation mode selectable. Automatic Interlock function. Pedestrian opening function. Compatible with standard 220V single phase UPS unit (available as an option) for battery back-up
operation in case of main power supply failure.
Manual operation With long handle on motor unit for curtain manual movement in case of main power supply
Safety Active light barrier 2.5 meter high.
Curtain ZIP type with self re-positioning in case of accidental impact. Polyester fabric 900 gr/sqm. Fire reaction UNE 23.727-90 Class M2. One vision windows row as a standard.
Curtain colors White, Green, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow. Other colors available on request.
Special curtains Thermal and Acoustic insulated 3mm. Antistatic.