The fold up (stacking) door range, suitable for interior or exterior use with intense air depression, installation for openings up to 8mtr x 8mtr

The VertiGO is prewired in our warehouse and it comes with all the details needed to guarantee its easy and fast installation, its functionality and safety for users.
Structure, curtain and windows can be customized to satisfy customers requirements and the characteristics of the installation site.


  • Prewired door. Every door is delivered with cables preinstalled.
  • Industry standard made in Europe components. Mechanical, electrical and electronics are made in Europe from selected suppliers for the best performance and reliability.
  • Easy fitting with state of the art electronic control box to control and adjust every device and door operation.


Structure Standard galvanized. Powder coated or Stainless Steel on request.
Dimensions Free passage up to 8000 x H 8000. Bigger dimension on request.
Opening Speed 0.9 mt/sec.
Closing Speed 0.9 mt/sec.
Motor Side or Front facing 380V 3 phase motor
Curtain position Rotating limit switch.
Control box Electronic type. Open, Close, Pedestrian, Reset and Emergency stop buttons on cover. Power supply 380V 3phase. 10 operation mode selectable. Pedestrian opening function. Integrated 2 channels Radio receiver.
Emergency opening Optional counter-weight system for curtain opening in case of power failure.
Safety Safety photocells in the doorway. Radio controlled safety edge.
Curtain Standard with horizontal reinforcement tubes. Polyester fabric 900 gr/sqm.
Fire reaction UNE 23.727-90 Class M2. One vision windows row as a standard.
Curtain colors White, Green, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow. Other colors available on request.
Special curtains Thermal and Acoustic insulated 3mm.